Friday, January 2, 2009



Atheists and Skeptics invent unintelligent scenarios for the origins of the universe and manufacture make-believe "gods" (created in their own image) that submit to their own will and self-centered desires only to accuse their idol of great evil then have the nerve of accuse Christians of serving the very same "god" that atheists have imagined! (i.e. Their so-called "flying spaghetti monster")

All human misconceptions about God are based on: an attempt to approach Him on ones own terms, conform Him into a being filled with human vices; reduce Him into an impersonal force easily manipulated by human will; or elevating the created order equivocal with the transcendent creator as if all physical substance of the universe is eternal.

Instead of seeking to know the one and only God who created this Earth, only to discover that it (the Earth) has been affected by humanity’s own evil, atheists seek to condemn Him in order to justify their lifestyle of defiance. The atheists are only right in this sense: the god that atheists have invented in their own minds does not exist and is a mere reflection of their own evil heart. The Atheist’s god was manufactured to justify their personal rebellion against the Holy God, who will by nature hold them accountable for their crimes against Him. The Atheist’s god DOES NOT exist. The One and only Holy Creator subsist necessarily.

In reality, ATHEISTS DO NOT EXIST. They are just people who don't want to believe that which they know must exist despite the scientific evidence of a fine-tuned universe. They are the epitome of superstitious as they have great faith in chemical chance and mutational luck. The atheist universe is ultimately an arguement for self-creation and therefore is illogical. By arrogantly rejecting and avoiding that uncaused transcendent intelligent God whom they already know subsists, they have unwittingly labeled themselves an ignoramus (agnostic). Is God a Delusion?

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